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A. Revel, James – James Revel was a passenger, on the Ship, the Constance, in 1635. 14 Apr 1635 – Susan and Ellen. Passenger List - Washington, Bremen & Southampton to New York, 1851 Search for passengers on the American steamer Washington, George W. Correspondence October 2, 2002 passenger Ford (servant of Kingman) 01. Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route. Passsengers: see "passenger lists" section. Lyon’s Whelp, John Gibbs, master. S. For the "EllisIsland" site you must enter the complete name of the ship. Map People (12) Related Events (56) Pic Name Birth Death Birthplace . In 1635 two "servants" worked their passage for a John Brown. The James and its companion ship the Angel Gabriel arrived on August 25, 1635. 1678, arrived April 1679 From the little I know of the voyage of the Assurance from Gravesend, England on or about July 25, 1635, the ship was bound for Virginia and the West Indies. Thomas Boylston, aged 20. TheShipsList website, online since August 1999, will help you find your ancestors on ships' passenger lists. Chilean. 3. . castlegarden. This is the main Muster database. Passengers: see "passenger list" section. Richard Mather of Lancashire, England, on the James ship (which accompanied The Angel Gabriel from June 4 to July 4, 1635) had been removed from his Anglican Church in 1633 because of his non-conformist beliefs. . Thomas Bennett 22 . She sailed with about 220 passengers aboard along with livestock. Anne was the larger of the two ships and most of the passengers traveled in her. 77 passengers. Armitage, Thomas (From Bristol, Glouchestershire, bound for Ipswitch. Three smaller ships on the journey crossed quickly and landed safely. . The Angel Gabriel was a 240 ton galleon carrying settlers to new lives in New England in August 1635 when it anchored at the village of Pemaquid. Subject: Ship Passenger List of The "John & Sara" out of London 1651 and bound for New England with Scottish Prisoners. Founders of New England: Records of Ships Passenger Lists from England to New England between 1620 and 1640. Floyd, Commander, arrived at New York 28 November 1851 with 142 passengers. . The list is much larger than this, for example, the James ship had at least 100 passengers. 4 passengers. From England to Massachusetts in a fleet of five ships, the Angel Gabriel joined the James, the Elizabeth (Bess), the Mary and the Diligence. James Nesmith. . The roll was transcribed by James Savage in the 19 century from records . A brief timeline of John Warner, as extracted from Mr. He married Elizabeth Marsh on 23 March 1662, in Massachusetts Bay Colony, British Colonial America. org He set out on his journey to Boston with his wife, father-in-law and four children in June 1635. vast amount of information contained within the sites. Passenger lists from 1842–1854 available at the Briscoe Center for American History. Immigration records, more popularly known as "ship passenger arrival records," may provide evidence of a person's arrival in the United States, as well as foreign birthplace. Francis Bright was a passenger. Steuart, Bradley W. Cabin Obtaining Pictures of Passenger Ships in One Step. Lists ships alphabetically by name of ship (no passengers), 4 volumes. She was a Passenger of "The James," 1635. "Always access . America, per Certificate of from the Minister of the . being examined by the minister de Gravesend conserning their conformitie to the orders & disipline of the Church of England : And tooke the oath of Allegeance. arrival ports in the 19th and 20th Centuries were: New York, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Orleans. In September, 1635, Wessagusset was incorporated as a town under the name "Weymouth," and the first men to go as deputies to the General Court were William Reade, John Bursley and John Upham. . May 21, 1635 The Matthew departed London for Christopher Source: "Hotten's Lists", pages 80-82; American Plantations and Colonies. Abigail. View Elizabeth Knight's genealogy profile; 3/29/2008 9/28/2014 Follow On June 3, 1635, the James joined four other ships, and set sail for the New World with just over 100 passengers as part of a fleet of five ships, including the families of Richard Mather, Captain John Evered, John Greene and John Ayer. See Ship & Passenger Information See full list on frenchfamilyassoc. . org for arrivals prior to 1892 Pilgrim Passenger Names Early 1600's A Ba Bl Ca Co D E F G Ha Hi IJ K L Ma Mi N O PQ R Sa Sm T U V Wa Wi X-Z Ships by Date Ships by Name * denotes children / more . The second voyage of 1635: James left London, England July, 1635 with her master, John May, arriving in Massachusetts Bay the last week of September 1635. Arrived Port Phillip 25th. . iPhone compatible. ” The Angel Gabriel was captained by Robert Andrews of Norwich, Norfolk County, England and was joined on the journey by the James, the Elizabeth (Bess), the Mary and the Diligence. John died 14 . Returned to England 15 Jul 1633, Master Gill, ship was captured. . Richard Mather, cornelius Netherwood, James Myriall, Wm . Arbella: The flagship, designated 'Admiral'. com has indexed the New York Passenger Lists by ships arriving to New York from foreign ports from 1820 - 1957. . All Digitized Passenger Lists For the SS New England Available at the GG Archives. The British that first landed in Barbados recorded that there were no persons living in Barbados at the time of landing at James Town in the 17th century. Begin your free German ancestor search with these immigrant ships. Irish Passenger Lists 10 So, the ship made a quick voyage to Liverpool and then loaded the passengers and cargo to return to the United States. . It appears there is some conflicting information regarding the date and the name of the Captain. William Cooper, bound for New England. In mid-October of 1633, the two ships, The Ark and The Dove left Gravesend with an unknown number of passengers, all of whom had presumably taken the oath of fidelity to Charles. 1727 - Ship "James Goodwill" 1727 - Ship "Molly" 1727 . Children 1. The ship was commissioned by the Family Colonisation Loan Society in 1850 for its first sailing from London via Gravesend to Port Phillip & Port Adelaide. . Cotton Mather, minister of Boston. On 12 June 1635, Hatch was granted a five acre lot on the south . . 4th July, 1635. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. James Bennet Ffrom the same 2 Mch. Look in the index for the specific ship name. Richard Lombard, ofter examination by the minister of Gravesend: Thomas Tollie 17 21 August 1635: Persons to be transported from London to Virginia by the Thomas, Mr. Ship Passenger Lists. Known Passengers and Crew. S. , the future President of Harvard College, and the grandfather of Rev. Castle Garden 1855 article about the opening as an immigrant depot, New York Daily Times. ] 6 January, 1635 Theis under-written names are to be transported to Virginia imbarqued in the Thomas Richard Lambard Mr. 02 January 1634 transported to Virginia on the ship Bonaventure. S. Passenger Ships Arriving in the New York Harbor. Financing was by the Mass. Taylor, of the James, accompanied by Mr. Captain Andrews, probably Robert Andrews, not found. Passenger List. Ships to New Orleans & Galveston 1847. The two individuals were sharing a room on the Celebrity . As of this time, more than 7,500 transcriptions of passenger lists from the colonial days up to the 1900's have been uploaded to that site. The analysis is based on surveys of cruise ship passengers that “got off the ships” in Bar Harbor in 2016. . April 16: American ship Henry Nesmith, Almer master. 32 James Abercromby. . Edward Bostock, Master. Reyner, Humphrey – Humphrey Reyner and Mary were children and passengers, on the Ship, the John of London, in 1638. The ship arrived safely at Massachusetts Bay. 2. "Beware of third- and fourth-hand materials," advises John Philip Colletta in his recent article for Ancestry Magazine. "Hotten's Lists" pages 127-129 also see the Langford URL. wikia. of Brentford, Middlesex, by his (1st) wife Susannah Tothill. See entire ship list. Some URL sites are listed under several topics due to the. Although I believe (as will be seen below) that there is a growing likelihood that we descend from one of the two William Collinses who sailed to Virginia in the ship Plaine Joan in 1635, at this time the earliest date at which we can certainly identify an ancestor on the Collins line is 1664/65, when one James Collins received a royal patent . The other passengers were headed for points farther south in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where they had relatives waiting for them. 1635 voyage. The ship was part of the Higginson fleet of ships bringing newcomers to Salem and Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay Colony. See Ship & Passenger Information April, 1635 The Planter departed London and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday, June 7, 1635. 3. Hi, got this from GENIRE and transcribed from a book called "Handbook on Irish Genealogy" by Donald F. Richard Sadd 23 . Another smaller ship arriving was the Watch and Wait travelling from Ipswich, Massachusetts to Marblehead, Massachusetts. org The James left King's Road in Bristol on 23 May 1635 with her master, JohnTaylor, along with the Angel Gabriel, the Elizabeth (the Bess), the Maryand the Diligence. to 7 Sept. Ambrose: Designated 'Rear Admiral'. . Hurricane Edna of September 11, 1954 followed a similar path as the Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635. Certificate from the Minister of Gravesend of their comformitie to the orders & discipline of the Church of England. Rider master. The Mayflower story begins with the origins of the people who became known as the Pilgrims - the passengers on the Mayflower. She landed 89 passengers, and then proceeded on to New Plymouth. There was a Thomas Arnold at Watertown, 1640, John Northy, Marblehead, 1648; Thomas Hall, Cambridge, 1648. 53 days from Valparaiso. by Lancour, Harold, 1908-Publication date 1937 Topics Ships Publisher . Voyages are listed at ship name on Ship List. This is a mere glince at a few of the names, and we do not pretend that they are the same individuals as those represented on our list. 2 ANGEL GABRIEL 1635 Bound for New England, Angel Gabriel, was wrecked in a great storm in August 1635 off Pemaquid Point Maine. John Burnham, nephew of Andrews, made his way to Ipswich. Ladd 39 M Genln U. Regarding this voyage, I am interested in a passenger on the Assurance from London (Gravesend) to Jamestown in July, 1635. James Alfred Warner's wonderfully researched account: spring of 1635 - leaves England aboard "Increase" Feb 28, 1636 - listed among the 106 townsmen of Watertown, along with Symon Stone, Simone Eire, and Joseph Mosse, all fellow passengers of the Increase. John Benson was born about 1635, in Oxfordshire, England as the son of John Benson and Mary Williams. [CG] 09/10/1790: Hopewell: Antigua P. Note that Hotten's list does not include all ships. 132 passengers listed. Ship Master: James Ricrofte. She arrived in Boston about October 8, 1635 with smallpox aboard. James his sonne aged 1 yeare Joseph Chickin his servant 16 yeare Alice Kinham, aged 22 yeare Angel Hollard, aged 21 yeare Katheryn his Wife, 22 yeare George Land his servaunt 22 yeare Sarah Land his Kindswoman, 18 yeare Richard Joanes of Diner, Robt Martyn of Badcome husbandmm, 44 Humfrey Shepheard husbandm 32 John Upham husbandman, 35 See full list on historicipswich. Passenger lists of ships coming to North America, 1607-1825; a bibliography. ABIGAIL of London, Richard Hackwell, Master. John, New Brunswick & Quebec, 1817. Arrivals Sept-Oct 1853 with Sickness on Board. 134-5, lists the following passengers of the James on its eventful, storm-tossed voyage, May 23, 1635 to August 17, 1635: James 1. Confidence. Most manifests have the captain’s name, where they left port, where they are going, each passenger’s full name and their age. Contents. . In 1634/5 he and his wife Jane, their five children and six servants were passengers on the ship Hercules with Nathaniel Tilden and others. (1) The second voyage of 1635: James left London, England July, 1635 with her master, John May, arriving in Massachusetts Bay the last week of September 1635. and Suprem: Edward Towers. This is listing of ships and not a list of passengers. The James left London, England April 6, 1635 with her master, William Cooper, arriving in Massachusetts Bay. She sailed from London and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts on 8 October 1635. THE COMPASS. The Abigail of London sailed from foreign ports, the last being Plymouth, England on June 4, 1635. We also have immigration reports, newspaper records, shipwreck information, ship pictures, ship descriptions, shipping-line fleet lists and more; as well as hundreds of passenger lists to Canada, USA, Australia and even some for South Africa. A list of passengers who passed through the port of London for the year ending Christmas 1635. p. ) 1635 · The Increase from London to New England. It includes information about household members, including in many cases their age, when they arrived in Virginia, and which ship they arrived on. . Unfortunately, arriving at the same time as these ships was the hurricane. A Lyst of the Pasingers Abord The Speedwell of London, Robert Lock Master, Bound For New England 30 May 1656. Mr. Below is a list of some of the ship's passengers. Date: Ships Master: Ships Name: Port Location: Ships Cargo: The following table is a transcription of the Passenger List from the Ship "Peggy", that brought George Baker to America on September 24, 1753. In 1634/5 he and his wife Jane, their five children and six servants were passengers on the ship Hercules with Nathaniel Tilden and others. Most of the passengers and crew got off the ship before nightfall to rest on land as guests of the villagers. ship as shown in the "List of Ships" following the alphabetical list. In 1635 he planned to emigrate from Bristol to Massachusetts on the smaller merchant ship James. Many ships, passenger lists, and immigrants can be found in the New England Historical & Genealogical Registers. , 1635. wikia. Their next stop was Cowes on the Isle of Wight, where at least three Catholic priests, Fathers Andrew White, John Altham and Thomas Gervais, came on board. On Friday, the cruise line announced that its ship, Adventure of the Seas, will resume sailing from the Bahamas in June. Angel Gabriel. S. g. James Robertson, from Greenock with 103 passengers & baggage . . This set of ships passenger lists includes ships to Virginia (a catch-all phrase to mean almost anywhere along the coast), Barbadoes, Bermuda, West Indies and of course New England List of passengers on the 1635 voyage of the ship "Hercules" from Sandwich, England, to Plymouth in "New England. The ship Anne arrived in Plymouth in July, 1623 accompanied by the Little James, bringing new settlers along with many of the wives and children that had been left behind in Leyden when the Mayflower departed in 1620. 10 Aug 1635 (James City Co - VA PB1:271) John . Posts about The James 1635 written by markeminer. . 1635 Hull's Company Ship . They boarded the Mayflower in Plymouth UK in 1620 and against great odds, crossed the Atlantic to reach what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mayflower, William Peirce, master. . "On the last Wednesday in May, 1635 (May 27th) the ship Angel Gabriel , a strong ship of 240 tons, and carrying a heavy armament of 16 guns, swung at her moorings in the King's Road, four or five miles distant from the city [London]. Fifty passengers are listed on the ship’s roll and John May was the Master of the ship on this voyage. Passenger Lists: Ship "Hopewell", 1635 List of passengers on the Hopewell, 1635. The two passengers . The other half of the fleet sailed in May and arrived in July at various dates. However, many names are missing from the list in The Lyon partly due to the fact that several were members when only the head of the house was mentioned, while others omitted went as servants. Talbot: Designated 'Vice Admiral'. born: 1613 BAILEY . 30, Longitude 60 According to the newspaper Columbian Centinel, the ship Lowell, led by Captain Passengers of the Mayflower. . Thomas Wakefield 17 . For example you will find five people with the surname “Stevens” who came in different times during 1635 on four different ships. U. Robinson. Hotten [55–64] transcribes Increase passenger lists from the London port book that are dated 13, 14, 15, 17 . Passengers for Virginia. As they approached New England, an unusually powerful early season hurricane struck, known as the "Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635", and the James and the Angel Gabriel were forced to ride it out just off the coast of modern-day Hampton, New . Murphy is master, from Liverpool burthen 2159 tons. Complete listing of Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666 (from book published 1912 by George Cabell Greer, now copyright-free) Each line contains from left to right: LAST & FIRST - Name of immigrant who came to America ARRIVAL - Year of immigrant arrival SPONSOR - Name of sponsoring person(s) paying passage of immigrant COUNTY - County in which sponsor received land for payment of passage . a weaver from Chippenham England; destination: Newbury BAILEY, John Jr. Died: Before 28 June 1647, in Maryland. Alex Allbrecht said he shot the video while aboard a ship, and once he posted it to social media, people were astonished at its size. . 1 passenger. Liverpool to New Orleans 2 Oct 1850 - 23 Nov 1850 ship: James Pennell 291 passengers, 4 accounts. Founders of New England: Records of Ships Passenger Lists from England to New England between 1620 and 1640. By Virginia I believe it is meant Jamestown. It is available for free public use at all National Archives research facilities and many public libraries. ' The ship Safety sailed from the port of London to America, August 10, 1635. Henry Woodman. And there are known passenger ships for which there are no passenger claimants, such as the Dainty of 1610 and the Darling of 1622. Ship Defence, London to Boston 1635. By Virginia I believe it is meant Jamestown. Irish passengers often used the ports of New York and Boston, but you will find Irish arrivals at other ports as well. Rev. PASSENGERS TO VIRGINIA. . She arrived at Boston about October 8, infected with smallpox. 144 people. There are 20 ships in this database; the first 10 are now online for you to search for that elusive ancestor. From Winthrop's journal (found in the Thomas Payn of Salem and his descendants: the Salem branch of the Paine family) where he talks about the Abigail he writes that this ship arrived 6 Oct 1635 with 220 passengers. 10 June 1635, the "True-Love" sailed from Gravesend with 125 passengers bound for Bermuda, Robert Dennis master. You can search by passenger name and view scanned images of the passenger lists. She listed passengers for New England from June 4 until July 24, and sailed from Plymouth, as her last port of departure, about August 1, with two hundred and twenty persons aboard and many cattle. Cunard Sailings of 1849 - New York, Boston and Halifax. 1635 SHIPS PASSENGER LISTS TO VIRGINIA Thanks to volunteer transcriber Laura Freeman, Olive Tree Genealogy has new ships passenger lists going from England to Virginia in 1635. (2) Ship Mary and John Passenger List There is no passenger list for the trip made by the ship Mary and John from England to America in 1630. Savage made his valuable extracts of the New England Passengers, There are several other ship-loads for Virginia, Bermuda, St. MIAMI (AP) -- About three dozen passengers who sailed on the ill-fated Carnival Triumph cruise ship that drifted at sea for days are hoping to collect thousands of dollars apiece as a result of . Passenger Ship Arrivals - Page 23 The following is a listing of arrivals for ships. I. Normally, the Mayflower’s cargo was wine and dry goods, but on . April 18: Ship Silvie de Grasse. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay, although some of the persons listed below may not have arrived. Dorset The "Dorset" sailed from Gravesend, Kent with John Flower master, and 95 passengers for Bermuda 30 September 1635. Ships from the UK to US in 1855 from Liverpool, with sailing dates, to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore . . Bountiful, Utah : Precision Indexing, c1991. 06 April 1635: Passengers embarked at Southampton in the James of London, Mr. The Ship Defence of London, Edward Bostock, Master. By genealogy-quest | 7 May 2014 - 9:23 pm | 29 April 2016 England, Immigration and Emigration, Massachusetts. The James, 1635. 142 Passengers acc. . . (Use browser "Bookmark" or "Back" to return to this page. ship arrivals of which there are no records other than the passenger claim, like the Noah and the Mary and James of 1610. " . Appleton of Boston, . Have you traced your ancestry back to one of the Mayflower ship passengers? If so . American. . Merchandise to Cross, Hobson & Co. Abyssinia, whereof M. Early,CharlesMontague. See Ship & Passenger Information July, 1635 The Pied Cow departed London for New England. Passenger List for Trelwany Plantation: The Welcome sailed from England 10 Jane 1632 & arrived in ME 02 Mar 1632, Master John Winters. The Mission of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants is to gather together to honor and perpetuate the memory of our Mayflower Ancestors and the ideals of American freedoms and democracy, which have evolved from The Mayflower Compact signed by the Pilgrim Fathers when they reached Cape Cod shores in November, 1620. Banks, The Planters of the Commonwealth, pp. October, 1850. For details on any of the ships listed, simply click on the name, or you can search for ships by name. Her destination was Pemaquid. Learn more about the people on the Mayflower passenger list and how to research your Mayflower genealogy using GenealogyBank. Immigration records are records of people entering England. Passenger list for the ship Phoenix in 1744 from the Palatine area of Germany to Pennsylvania. Lists of Passengers and the Ships Which Brought Them - 1635 Lists of Passengers and the Ships Which Brought Them - 1636 Lists of Passengers and the Ships Which Brought Them - 1637 . • Today, we’re going to look at two passenger lists from ships headed to the colonies. Jerome Hawley. He took some passengers to Ipswich and made another trip the end of October [1]. Dr. (American . Winthrop's Journal gives lists the eleven ships that were in his fleet: Winthrop's Fleet. Many ships and lives were lost, including 21 passengers who had set out from Ipswich on August 21, 1635 on a small bark named “Watch and Wait. wikia. Surveys were distributed to 4,768 passengers from 31 ship visits over 24 days between May and October. The "A" list is the list compiled by Capt. Ship and Passenger Information: Richard Goodladd, Master Embarked May 21, 1635 Per warrant from the Earle of Carlisle. On it was the Thacher family- Anthony and his wife and four children. The Angel waswrecked off the coast of Maine, but the James made it into Boston, torn andshredded. Henry Winthrop, John Winthrop's son, sailed on this ship. Mary Bentley, aged 20. Eastfield, 434 tons, Captain John Copland, sailed 6th August, arrived 12th December. Interesting info about the real ship Primrose that set sail July 27, 1635: The Primrose. Simple attempts to resolve the difficulties tend only to perpetuate or magnify the problem . 30 12 21 34 30 A tailor, JOSEPH TUTTELL JOAN TUTTELL JOHN LAWRENCE Farmer, GEORGE GIDDINS JANE GIDDINS Ships [Anne and Little James] . April 17: Brig Paquete de Copiapo. They were the parents of at least 6 sons and 2 daughters. The shark, which some people suggested looked like a . 'These ships,' said Prince, 'were filled with Passengers of all occupations skill'd in all Kinds of Faculties needful for Planting a new Colony. 80 James, his son, aged 1 year. to extant list. May 27, 1635, while at anchor, Capt. As always, all databases on Olive Tree are FREE to use. For the other sites, you can enter a single letter or possibly nothing at all and get a list of available ships. List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the S. with his wife Martha Harper 28, and two children, Marie, aged 1, and 3-year-old John, Jr. . "These underwritten names are to be transported to Virginia, imbarqued in the Safety, John Graunt, Mr. The first five ships sailed April 8 from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, and arrived at Salem June 13 and following days. REGISTER OF THE NAMES OF ALL THE PASSENGERS FROM LONDON DURING ONE WHOLE YEAR, ENDING CHRISTMAS, 1635: Ship BONAVENTURE J Ricrofte, Master . . Robert Lea, bound [from London] to New England: Passengers on Ship George bound to Virginia Updated March 20, 2016 21 August 1635 Theis under written names to be transported to Virginea imbarqued in the George Jo: Severne Master bound thither pr. Begley, posted by: (Alison Davies) Voyages on the ship "James Pennell". . )-----Ship and Passenger Information: Jeremy Blackman, Master August 7, 1635 161 passengers listed. Historians call the period of time between 1633-1635 The Great Migration when 22 small wooden sailing ships made the voyage to New England. Some 35 passengers, family and friends who had remained in Leiden sailed on a ship called the Mayflower but which was not the original ship that came to Plymouth in 1620. The Life of John. Some may have Some servants may have run away. 25 However, with a sudden shift in winds to the northwest, the boat was pulled away from the rocks, saving all of the passengers and the ship. The Increase under Robert Lea took on passengers for New England in mid-April 1635 at London. Jewel: Designated a 'Captain'. They fell in with the ship Angel Gabriel, also bound for New England, before leaving Bristol Harbor, England. . (Also his wife Ann or Alice and two children, Mary and Ann. William Hatch, M96B-C1T merchant of Kent, England, was a freeman by 1635 and later was ruling elder of the second church, now First Parish in Norwell. 148 days from New York. Somerby. . Click then on the ship’s names to gather more details. MSA Land Patent Liber ABH, folio 65-66. Search for passengers going to Canada on board the ship Trafalgar, from Hull to St. She sailed from London about the last of July (1635) and arrived at Boston October 8, with about one hundred passengers. The Abigail of 1635. Increase 1635, April 13-18. Martha Banes, aged 20. Hotten's Ship Registers. Town of Gravesend of their loyalty to the orders of the Church of . Whole class discussion: • What are the biggest differences between the two ships? PASSENGERS FOR VIRGINIA [Communicated by Mr. , American Glory, with . The date of record, in this case, was about two months after the James sailed. Passenger Lists from Ireland. Master: Captain Robert Andrews of Ipswich, Massachusetts BAILEY, John Sr. Passenger lists, permissions to emigrate, records of passports issued, lists of transported prisoners, or registers of assistance to emigrate often contain genealogical information. To New England, April 2, 1635 THESE under-written names are to be transported to New England, Embarked in the Planter, the passengers have brought Certificate from the Justices of the Peace according to the King’s order. . Michael Long, 20. Dudley’s letter to the Countess of Lincoln, which is printed in the New Hampshire Historical CCollections, vol iv. Introduction: This is a list of indexes of passenger lists (also called immigration records or ship manifests) for ships that sailed to the United States from 1820 to the 1940s (and now into the 1950s), including microfilm (some rolls have now been digitized), books, and online indexes and databases. Passenger list, ship Anne, 1623. 1638. Emigration records are records of people leaving England. Map People (8) Related Events (56) Pic Name Birth Death Birthplace; Passenger; Humphrey Atherton . This list shows that only twenty-two ships arrived at Philadelphia in 1749, that the largest number carried on any one ship was 550, but that the average number was 308, and that the total number of passengers on all the twenty-two ships was only 6,787, which is a little more than half of what Proud claimed it to have been. This is the same record from which Mr. Bay Company. Allen, pastor of the First Parish Church in Dorchester, Massachu­setts, in 1986: . If you don't find the ship you want at one site, try some of the others. org The Passengers of the May Flower in 1620; Leaders in the Winthrop Fleet, 1630; The Founders of New England; Passengers of the Mary and John 1634; More Passengers for New-England; Passengers for Virginia, 1635; Emigrants in Vessels, Bound to Virginia; Two Early Passenger List, 1635-1637; Two Early Passenger List: Additions and Corrections . This set of ships passenger lists includes ships to Virginia (a catch-all phrase to mean almost anywhere along the coast), Barbadoes, Bermuda, West Indies and of course New England See full list on military. Passenger listsfrom"TheShamrockorIrishchronicle," 1815-1816. Extraction of all passenger vessels arriving at the port of New York 1820-1850 compiled from National Archives films. passengers were loyal to the King and Church of England. Christopher on the ship WILLIAM & JOHN, Rowland Langham, master, on 02 September, 1635. examination of the Minister of Gravesend etc. Click then on the ship’s names to gather more details. John Kn. Coldham pg 133-134 The following roll is from her departure point, not necessarily who landed. . Listed below are 4 different versions of the passenger list for the April, 1638 voyage of the ship Confidence. Previous editions published under title: Passenger lists of ships coming to North America, 1607-1825 Addeddate 2011-12-14 16:11:25 Bookplateleaf 0005 Call number SHIPS & PASSENGERS TO AMERICA. These under written names are to be transported to Virginia imbarqued in ye Merchants Hope Hugh Weston . Servant master. England. Elizabeth Long, 30. Revell, John – John Revell was a passenger, on the Ship, the Winthrop, in 1630. William Hatch, merchant of Kent, England, was a freeman by 1635 and later was ruling elder of the second church, now First Parish in Norwell. . Passengers embarked in the Increase of London, Mr. Passenger Ship Arrivals Your family history within a country begins when your first ancestor arrived. ' And an earlier writer, after stating that there were 'divers good and godly people' among them probably covered the situation fully by adding that 'people of all sorts went. PASSENGERLISTS,1607-1825 5 AllPorts,continued 1815-1816 11. No one knows the name of the ship or the exact date they arrived, but it probably arrived before one of the terrible winters of the Little Ice Age. It is my opinion, however, that the April 11th date is when the voyage received authorization . Columns represent: given name, surname, age, sex, occupation, country to which they belong, country which they intend to inhabit, accommodation. The bulk of these passengers to New York are recorded on two websites: www. A list of passengers from Londonderry to New York, on the ship AMERICAN, sworn at Londonderry, 31 March 1804. Liverpool to New Orleans 2 Sep 1849 - 22 Oct 1849 ship: James Pennell 249 passengers, 4 accounts. Browne, James – James Browne and Thomas Browne, Jr. See full list on familypedia. Browne, Joseph – Joseph Browne was a passenger, on the Ship, the Amity, in 1635. Ships were in the above ports on the dates listed but did not necessarily sail on them. Dinapore, ship, 789 tons, Captain James Louttit, sailed from Downs 17th April, arrived 5th August. pp 224-49; Force’s Tracts, vol ii. Passenger list George 1635 By david bishop August 03, 2010 at 06:43:49. William L. The Lyon’s Whelp sailed with the Talbot; the Rev. . Ultimo July 1635. On May 13, 1607 three English ships the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery with approximately 144 settlers and sailors, will land and plant the first permanent English colony in North America. (PM) The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania); For the ships marked "PM" above many of the passengers names can be found in various volumes of this publication. Merchant Bonaventure of passengers of the Truelove, which sailed from London, mid-September, 1635, bound for New England. Mabel Harlakenden, aged 22. Henry Taverner, after examination by the minister of Gravesend: To New England, April 2, 1635 (Modified) THESE under-written names are to be transported to New England Embarked in the Planter, the passengers have brought Certificate from the Justices of the Peace according to the King's order. . Royal Caribbean is bringing another ship back to the seas. Departed London 28th. 1. Passenger Lists: Ship "James" List of pasengers on the "James", 1635. James - 1635. The Lyon 1632 Passenger List: Lyon 1632 The Planter 1635 The passenger List for the Planter 1635 The Success (miscalled Surrey in many records) Donna Speer Ristenbatt Genealogy/Passenger Ship's List -Stephen Nichols, master, loaded for New Jersey at London from 19 Aug. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay. July 27, 1635 The Primrose departed London for Virginia. . per examination by the Minister of Gravesend touching their conformitie to the Church discipline of England, and have taken the oaths of Allege. From PAPEI RG9, Collector of Customs Inward: 18 Aug 1790 - Lucy ship of 133 tons Capt. The George to Virginia 21 August 1635 Theis under written names to be transported to Virginea imbarqued in the George Jo: Severne Master bound thither pr. Anne was a supply ship of about 140 tons displacement which was used in 1623, along with Little James, to deliver a large contingent of new settlers to Plymouth Colony. . "Ship Passenger Lists - National and New England (1600-1825) Edited and indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd, Published by the Compiler Newhall, California, 1977 p. References ↑ 17 Ships ↑ 17 Ships ↑ 17 Ships ↑ 17 Ships ↑ 17 Ships ↑ "Passengers and Vessels that have Arrived in America: A List of Ships which Arrived in New England in 1630," NEHGR 31:309 (Citing Gov. John Ford Father of Andrew Ford was A Bond Servant to Henry Kingman Emigrated on 20 . October 8, 1635. These records may contain the name, age, occupation, destination, place of origin or birthplace . com . One rea­son for this was advanced by Reverend James K. Thomas Bulkely, Concord, 1638; Rowley, 1643. The Immigrant Ships Transcribers’ Guild has transcribed over 61,000 passenger lists on their website, with work ongoing at www. In September 1620, a merchant ship called the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, a port on the southern coast of England. Plymouth, England to Boston. Altogether they brought about seven hundred passengers of whom the following are presumed to have been on these ships. Passenger lists can help bridge your research between the family homeland and the country they immigrated to. Number of names is approximate. Some sailed April 8, arriving June 13, 1630 and the followng days, the others to sail in May, arriving in July. Mary Calvert late of Dublin, came in ditto ship. The ship departed from Liverpool on 20 June 1834. net. The British Government next sent large numbers of persons from Scotland and Ireland to the island, many were indentured servants sent in order to work off or settle debts owed to the British Government. for the. This site documents the roll of passengers of the James, which sailed from London, 6 April, 1635, Julian calendar, bound for New England. . Robert Long, 45 of Dunstable county Bedford, innholder, Charlestown. A. , sone of which I shall extract and forward for the Register, as I find leisure, The Genealogical Dictionary of Early New England Settlers by James Savage says that "preparations had been made for him, perhaps by Grant of Land, as early as 1635" and in History of the Town of Hingham George Lincoln writes that land records show that John Fearing was among the first wave of emigrants to leave Old Hingham in 1635. September, 1850 & Gravesend 1st. Interview 1635 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato. It is said that the ship carried 350 passengers. Autumn 1635—William and Mary Dyer boarded an English ship with their Westminster neighbors, perhaps 100 other passengers, and sailed to new Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony. But overseas, a new problem reminiscent of March 2020 has surfaced: two passengers aboard an MSC Cruises ship sailing in the Mediterranean have tested positive for COVID-19. Domingo, &c. The passengers on the Mayflower were separatists, non-separatists and their servants who were all headed to the New World to settle Plymouth Colony. 1635: ISACK BELT, at age 23, was one of 144 passengers, departed London for St. This list details the roll of passengers of the James, which sailed from London, late July, 1635, bound for New England. Source: "Hotten's Lists" JAMES HOSMER — 9 Apr 1635. immigrantships. Or search our ship passenger records to start tracing your family history on the Mayflower and other passenger ships from 1704-1984. John was . Students work in pairs or groups. The passenger list for the James shows a Hercules Woodman. Robert Charles Anderson, Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, IV:352-4, "on the Marygould"; this source gives the date of the passenger manifest as 20 March 1634/5; Hotten Original Lists of Persons of Quality transcribes the manifest [of an unnamed ship] out of "Waymouth ye 20th of March 1635" with a footnote "[Really 1635/6]". Regarding this voyage, I am interested in a passenger on the Assurance from London (Gravesend) to Jamestown in July, 1635. Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819 (Amazon link) A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography by Michael Tepper; GPC 1999 About 6,000 passengers, most of them British and German, who arrived at the port of Philadelphia between 1682 and 1819, are included in this work. Interesting searches can be made for individuals who arrived on the same ship, or children under 5 who may have been born . These passengers hired the captain of the Mayflower, Christopher Jones, to take them to North America on board his cargo ship, the Mayflower and another ship, the Speedwell. Anne ’s master was William Peirce, a young man of Ratcliffe, London. They were among 100 passengers on the James, one of five ships carrying Puritans during the Great Migration. Immigrant Ships. The Winthrop Fleet Passengers of 1630. Irish Ship Passenger Lists 1820-1950s Five Major Ports of Arrival The five major U. Pages 121-123. The given name of this passenger was either Joseph or Josephine. (Also Settlers living at “James Citty” in Virginia February 4, 1624/5 & Passenger List, Ship Marigold, 1619) . . Ships Passenger List for Eliza or Elizabeth & Anne, 1635. 291. discovered a list of the Hull passengers and sent it to Mr. D. . Established by the Virginia Company of London this settlement would be called Jamestown, after king James I. 1634 . The James Nesmith. Abbott, Richard . See Ship & Passenger Information May 15, 1635 The Plain Joane departed London for Virginia. Ancestry. Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild (ISTG) (Free) The ISTG is a group of volunteers who transcribe ships passenger lists which are then placed on the ISTG web site. John PROCTOR 40 sailed on the Susan and Ellen which left London on 14 April 1635 with her master, Edward Payne, arriving in Massachusetts Bay on 9 May 1635. These under-written names are to be transported Virginiea imbarqued in the Transport of London Edward Walker Mr. 2. The ship James was commanded by Captain Taylor. 1. James Abercrombie, list "B" contains the names of the "Signers of the Oath of Allegiance" to the King of England, and list "C" has the names of those who . Mrs. John Graunt was the master of the ship. The. . . Ancestry is a subscription database. examination of the Minister of Gravesend etc. Transcribers Guild. For example you will find five people with the surname “Stevens” who came in different times during 1635 on four different ships. Submitted: TC Parziale 6/25/00 -- added to this list is a possible variations column which I hope will allow search engines to find the names easier than the phonetic way they appear. org Here is info for the "James" The James, 1635 Founders of New England: Records of Ships Passenger Lists from England to New England between 1620 and 1640. Maud, Nathaniel Wales, Barnabas Fower, Thomas Armitage*, and Richard Mather, went on board the Angel Gabriel. This ship left London 25 April and the Isle of Wight 11 May, arriving at Cape Ann 27 June and Salem 29 June 1629. Part 1: Introduction. 4. Adult passengers . The Rev. 146 April 1635. 150 days from New York, with cargo to Mr. Hansen . Colonial Passenger Lists To Virginia (Chesapeake), June 23, 1635 (Modified) THESE under-written names are to be transported to Virginia, Embarked in the . Pass out passenger lists and graphic organizer. MSA Wills Liber 1, folio 11. Some we think are, and others may prove to be so. This was apparently the James’ second voyage of 1635. Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. the "Rebecca" of Liverpool, James Skinner comander, Arived at Philadelphia the 13th of the 8 mo, 1685 passengers; John cutler, Edmond Cutler, Isabell Cutler, Elizabeth cutler, Thomas Cutler, Wm Cuttler, freemen, from Bulland, in YOrkshire. Richard Mather became the minister of Dorchester in the Colony of Massachusetts, his son the Reverend Increase Mather, D. This week: Anne. Ship, passenger & crew lists for specific ships, localities, ethnic groups or topics. See full list on familypedia. This set of ships passenger lists includes ships to Virginia (a catch-all phrase to mean almost anywhere along the coast), Barbadoes, Bermuda, West Indies and of course New England Elizabeth Vincent died at Newbury on 20 Mar 1644[/5]. Search Pennsylvania Migration and Ship Passenger Lists in Free Genealogy Databases. Most manifests have the captain’s name, where they left port, where they are going, each passenger’s full name and their age. Jerome Hawley, Esquire (Commissioner, Investor, and passenger) Born: circa 1590; (2nd) son of James Hawley Esq. The following alphabetical roll is from her departure point, not necessarily who boarded or landed. Married (1) in Romsey, Hampshire, 29 Mar 1624, to John Knight (d 1670). 32 Robert Abercromby. The James 1635 The following Lists of New England Emigrants are from Her Majesty's State Paper Office. E. By the mid-19th century, 70% of Irish emigrants entered the US through New York. Elder Peter O. Francis Higginson was one of the passengers. Thomas DAVIS (1602 – 1683) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line. 2 James B. The James and the Angel Gabriel stayed together whilethe three faster and smaller boats went on to Newfoundland. The total count of passengers is believed to be about seven hundred, and presumed to have included the following people. Two passengers on first 'fully-vaccinated' post-Covid cruise from US test positive for coronavirus during voyage in the Caribbean. 18 July 1834 – The Ship Hector at Sea, Latitude 42. Ship: 991 tons: 171' x 36' x 18' Built: 1850 at Thomaston, Maine On 7 January 1855 a company of 440 Scandinavian Saints-about 300 of which had survived a particularly stormy voyage from Copenhagen to England aboard the steamer Cimbria-sailed from Liverpool in the ship James Nesmith. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has immigration records for various ports for the years 1800-1959. Ship and Passenger Records 6 June 1635: Persons to be transported from London to Virginia by the Thomas & John, Mr. Search the Jamestown 1624/5 Muster Records. The ship brought 80 all told, 57 for Auckland and 23 for Canterbury. Find ancestors and family origins in free Ships Passenger lists, images of ships passenger list manifests, Orphan records, Almshouse records, Ancestor photos, Census substitutes, Newspaper records, family surnames, church records, military muster rolls, census records, land records, American Genealogy, Canadian Genealogy, Orphan records, Naturalization records, death records and more. were passengers, on the Ship, the James, in 1635. The ship arrived safe at Massachusetts Bay, although some of the persons listed below may not have arrived. Lorine's Note: This set of records consists of various passenger lists, names of individuals ready to sail to New England, and names of those taking the Oath of Allegiance (in preparation for sailing). List of persons embarked in the Hercules of Sandwich, Kent, Mr John Witherley, to be transported from Sandwich to New England: . . . The Globe, 1635 Voyages are listed at ship name on Ship List August 7, 1635 The Globe departed London for Virginia Source: "Hotten's Lists", pages 119-121. From the little I know of the voyage of the Assurance from Gravesend, England on or about July 25, 1635, the ship was bound for Virginia and the West Indies. . Passenger Lists contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir list provided to the passengers of each cabin class (and other classes). Cattle and Passengers Source; A History of Salem Massachusetts , By Sidney Perley, Volume I 1626-1637 pg. 3 We surveyed guests from a mix of small (e.